Is DrivePur an innovative product?  

DrivePur is part of an overall program, which includes an innovative, broad spectrum health and wellness solution, coupled with aggressive marketing and retention strategies.  DrivePur stands alone in responding to the rapidly growing consumer demand for healthier and cleaner environments inside vehicles.

What are the benefits to families?

American families growing appetite for botanical and health-conscious products, coupled with a growing awareness of how contaminant ridden our vehicles are is driving demand for products like DrivePur.  OUR REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT WILL FIGHT TO KEEP YOUR VEHICLE CLEAN USING NATURES OWN SUNLIGHT.



What does the customer receive when acquiring the product?

  • Our Botanical and health-conscious hospital-grade disinfectant FRESCH is applied as a First Step with Every DrivePur application.

  • DrivePur is then applied as an enhanced cleaner to help Bridge the gap between regular cleaning.

  • Clear customer communications including an agreement outlining the costs and benefits of the program.

  • Reapplications every 6 months to ensure the continued strength and performance of the DrivePur product.​

  • Text and email reminders educating consumers of the need and value of a DrivePur protected vehicle.



Is DrivePur Safe for Pets?

Yes. DrivePur used as directed uses a natural mineral and is gentle to your pets and the environment.  



Where can I acquire DrivePur?

You can acquire DrivePur applications at participating car agencies and dealerships near you.

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