DrivePur helps fight germs in cars.

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Why should you bring DrivePur to your Dealership?

How much time do you spend traveling in your car each day? Since you likely spend a large portion of your waking hours driving, you might be curious to know what else is traveling with you. With harmful molds and bacteria such as E. coli, Enterobacteria and Serratia (fecal organisms) colonizing on every surface in your car, you have some pretty faithful companions keeping you company. But what does that have to do with bringing DrivePur to your dealership?

In 2014, anti-bacteria and sanitization product sales amounted to over half a billion dollars. Everywhere we turn we are exposed to some form of sanitizing product (hand sanitizer dispensers, shopping cart wipes, etc.) and being germ-free has become an obsession in the American culture. When you see how concerned people are about sanitizing simple things like shopping carts, isn’t it amazing that there has not been a major movement to fight germs in vehicles?

As a DrivePur Certified Dealership, you will have the opportunity to become a pioneer in this growing half a billion-dollar industry. Since founding DrivePur, customers all throughout the country have met us with an overwhelmingly positive response (In some markets, DrivePur has achieved an 80% sales penetration rate). There is no better service you could be providing to maintain frequent contact with your customers and build a relationship of trust with them!

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Become a pioneer in this growing half a billion dollar industry!

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