DrivePur Protection System provides consumers with the ultimate protection for their vehicles and RVís. The DRIVEPUR protection system removes odors, mold, and bacteria and prevents multiplying germs.

Studies show that the interior of a vehicle is one of the unhealthiest environments that people can be exposed to on a daily basis. In fact, the average vehicle can contain over FIVE times the Volatile Organic Compound rating allowed for day care centers. Thatís 10 times more than the average household.

DrivePur is an effective solution for a common problem. The water-based treatment prevents harmful festering germs, bacteria, allergens, mold, fungus and odors. Spilled food and beverages in your vehicle need not be a breeding ground for harmful organisms.  We can help you breathe easier in you car. The nano-thin coating lasts up to  six months  in your car.


DrivePur Surface Protection

DrivePur Surface Coating  provides an invisible protective layer against harmful odor causing bacteria.

Exterior Surface Protection
Coming soon!

Interior Fabric Protection

Coming soon!



All of this is accomplished without any harsh chemicals. DrivePur uses the power of Nature to do its work. DrivePur is safe to use and Environmentally friendly. Itís a marvel of science that results in a strong and long-lasting Interior Air Quality Coating in your vehicle.

Protect your vehicle with our DrivePur System
An improved protection package for the interior surfaces of your vehicle.  

What others are saying...

I  just had my first child.  I saw a special on the news about the bacteria that can be found in the vents of the car and how harmful they can be on a young child whose respiratory systems are not fully developed.  Im sure im a bit overly cautious but i figured getting the service done could only help.  I have to say that after the treatment my car smelled sanitary.  Im sold on the service and will get it done every 6 months like they recommend.  

-Rachel S.
San Diego, CA
I recently bought a pre-owned car and the previous owner had smoked in the car.  Im very sensitive to smoke and even though my friends said it wasn't too bad, I couldn't stand driving the car.  I found a local detail shop that offered DrivePur treatments and went for it.  Im glad to say that the odor is gone and I love the fact that i know my car is free from any bacteria and mold. Its like having a brand new car since the previous owner has been erased from my interior.

-Ilana S.
Point Loma, CA